BIB / Race Kit Collection - Delegation

FRI 12.05.2023, every participant will receive by e-mail the “CONFIRMATION LETTER”; this file must be saved in digital format on a mobile device and provided along with the ID to collect the BIB.

VILLAGE LMHM - Event Centre “Palacongressi” - Piazzale Europa 3, Stresa

FRI 12.05.2023   03.00 pm - 07.00 pm (All distances)
SAT 13.05.2023  10.00 am - 07.00 pm (All distances)
SUN 14.05.2023  07.00 am - 08.30 am (Only 21K)

START AREA 10 KM - Verbania Fondotoce (front entrance camping “Isolino”)
SUN 14.05.2023   08.00 am - 09.45 am (Only 10K)

On 12-13.05.2023, it will be possible to delegate a third person to pick-up BIB numbers; the appointed person must provide:
- Confirmation Letter printed/undersigned in original by delegating person + Delegation (attached to confirmation letter)
- ID copy of delegating person.