Half Marathon





DATE: 14.05.2023
DISTANCE: 21,097 Km
START: Stresa
FINISH: Verbania Pallanza
MAX TIME: 3,00h


  • 5Eligibility


Participants must be 18 yrs old (Half Marathon) and 16 yrs old (10 KM) on SUN 14.05.2023.

Sport Clubs from National Athletic Federation recognized by World Athletics
- Self-declaration attesting membership to a Sport Club recognized by National Federations (template on section “Registration/Download Area”).

Runcard FIDAL
- Agonistic Medical Certificate (template on section “Registration/Download Area”) valid on SUN 14.05.2023
- Runcard FIDAL

NOTE: Runcard FIDAL (Italian Athletic Federation) is a compulsory card to compete at agonistic races in Italy for athletes not members of foreign Sport Clubs and it is comprehensive of insurance. Runcard FIDAL subscription (www.runcard.com) is valid for one year at any Italian road running competition and must be valid on race day; respecting Runcard FIDAL rules it is full responsibility of the athlete..

  • 5Fees


Registration will close at 3.000 participants or by the OC unquestionable decision.


HALF MARATHON SLOT 01-400 SLOT 401-1000 SLOT 1001-2500
MAX 2.500 € 30 € 35 € 40 € 50
10 KM SLOT 01-200 SLOT 201-500 - VILLAGE
MAX 500 € 20 € 25 - € 35


  • 5Refund policy

Refund - Modify - Cancellation policy

No possibility to change selected distance; in case of event cancellation due to major forces, the OC will not reimburse entry fees but will evaluate the transfer to next edition.

Athletes who cannot participate has the option “Transfer Registration Fee” to LMHM 2024 to same distance selected at LMHM 2023. Requests to be send via e-mail to [email protected] by 23.04.2023 attaching a payment receipt worth € 10,00 commission fee (on payment order specify exp. “Transfer Paul Bright LMHM 2024/Half Marathon”). Bank Transfer (participants must cover commission fees) to Sport PRO-MOTION A.S.D. - Banca Intesa Sanpaolo ag. Baveno (VB), Italy:

IBAN: IT 65 U030 6945 1611 0000 0000 774 - SWIFT/BIC: BCITITMMXXX

Applicants must apply again a registration for LMHM 2024 within 30 days prior the event.

  • 5Registration office

Registration Office

Registration managed by SDAM – Sport Data Management S.r.l. Enquires about registration:        

E-mail: [email protected]

  • 5Options and closure

Options and closure


Registrations with incomplete information, missing entry fee or required documentation not processed.

ON-LINE By 11.05.2023 at 01.00pm
On www.LMHM.it with easy, fast and secure system.
Registration with payment by credit card or PAYPAL (commission applied).

Village                       12-13.05.2023 (only cash payment)

Providing: Registration form fulfilled/undersigned
Supplementary documents required (see art. 5)

  • 5Download


  • 5Services included

Services included

  • BIB
  • Disposable chip
  • Showers
  • Medical Assistance
  • Pacemaker Service
  • Official Gadget LMHM
  • Finisher’s Medal
  • Changing Rooms
  • Race Certificate
  • Third Part Insurance
  • Deposit/Transport
  • Clothes Bag   Course Briefing
  • Refreshment/Sponge Points
  • Timing Points
  • WC
  • Clothes Bag
  • Shuttle BUS (10 KM)
  • Restaurants/Bars Special Prices
  • 5Bib pick up - delegation

BIB / Race Kit Collection - Delegation

FRI 12.05.2023 every participant will receive by e-mail the “CONFIRMATION LETTER”; this file must be saved in digital format on a mobile device and provided along with the ID to collect the BIB.


LMHM Village - Event Centre “Palacongressi” - Piazzale Europa 3, Stresa
FRI 12.05.2023    03.00 pm - 07.00 pm (All distances)
SAT 13.05.2023   10.00 am - 07.00 pm (All distances)
SUN 14.05.2023   07.00 am - 08.30 am (Only Half Marathon)

START AREA 10 KM - Verbania Fondotoce (front entrance camping “Isolino”)
SUN 14.05.2023   08.00 am - 09.45 am (Only 10 KM)

On 12-13.05.2023 it will be possible to delegate a third person to pick-up BIB numbers; the appointed person must provide:
- Confirmation Letter printed/undersigned in original by delegating person + Delegation (attached to confirmation letter)
- ID copy of delegating person.

  • 5Pacers


Pacemaker’s service available will help participants achieve their time target. Final target time available (Half Marathon - 3 PACER/GROUP):

1h25' (avg cca. 4’00’’/Km) – 1h30' (avg cca. 4’15’’/Km) - 1h35' (avg cca. 4’30’’/Km) - 1h40' (avg cca. 4’44’’/Km) - 1h45' (avg cca. 4’58’’/Km) - 1h50' (avg cca. 5’12’’/Km) 1h55' (avg cca. 5’27’’/Km) - 2h00' (avg cca. 5’41’/Km) - 2h10' (avg cca. 6’10’/Km) - 2h20' (avg cca. 6’38’/Km)

  • 5Refreshments - sponge points

Refreshments - Sponge points

To protect the environment, every participant will receive one sponge to be carried for the entire race; we kindly ask participants to throw garbage near refreshment points to facilitate cleaning procedures. Below positions can be subject to variation due to organizational needs.

As per WA/AIMS/FIDAL rules there will be refreshment points, with indication of their placement (R=right or L=left), at KM 5.2 (R/L) - 10.0 (R) - 15.2 (R) - FINISH; at refreshment points will be available solid food (fruits) and drinks (water, isotonic drink and tea in case of low temperature). There will be also sponge points, with fresh water in basins, at KM 8.3 (L) - 13.0 (L) - 18.0 (R).

  • 5Changing rooms

Changing rooms

Changing rooms not supervised; the OC denies any liability for lost, damaged or stolen items.

21K:       START Stresa - FINISH Verbania Pallanza

10K:       START Verbania Fondotoce - FINISH Verbania Pallanza

  • 5Start sectors

Start sectors

The OC will verify best times (PB) indicated during registration; following START sectors will be available based on best times with entrance allowed from:

Half Marathon:      08.30am
10 KM:                    09.30am

A Half Marathon 01 - 1000 B Half Marathon 1001 - 2000
10 KM 6001 -7000 10 KM 7001 - 8000
C Half Marathon 2001 - 3000 D Half Marathon 3001 - 4000
10 KM 8001 - 9000 10 KM 9001 - 10000
  • 5Deposit bag

Deposit / Transport Clothes bag

The OC denies any liability for lost, damaged or stolen items; we recommend to not leaving any valuable items inside clothes bags.

Only bags supplied by the OC are accepted; along with BIB participants will receive a clothes bag with an adhesive label to be applied on it. At each START AREA participants can leave their bags inside trucks and re-collected it at FINISH AREA of each race.
START AREA Half Marathon: 07.30 am to 08.45 am
START AREA 10 KM:               08.30 am to 09.45 am


  • 5Showers - wc

Showers - WC

Showers are located at FINISH Area in Verbania Pallanza; WC available at START/FINISH Area of each race and at refreshment points along the course..

  • 5Vehicle along the course

Vehicle along the course

Complying with local government ordinance, vehicles (including bicycles) are not permitted on racecourse. Breaches of the ordinance will punished by law. 

  • 5Award ceremony

Award Ceremony

No prize delivery after 12.00 am on SUN 14.05.2023.
Rankings/race certificates available on www.LMHM.it.

Award ceremonies will have following schedules at FINISH AREA in Verbania Pallanza:
10.30am   1-2-3 Position Man/Woman Overall Ranking Half Marathon
10.45am   1-2-3 Position Man/Woman Overall Ranking 10 KM
10.50am   1st Position Man/Woman Age Categories Half Marathon/10 KM

10.30 am - 12.00am
Delivery Prizes Age Categories Half Marathon/10 KM
First three of following male/female age categories of each race will be awarded with shopping coupons or sport products:
PROMISES - SENIORES 23 (Unique Category) - SM/SF 35/40/45/50/55/60-65/70 and over.

* Not cumulative with General Ranking Prize Money.

Following prize drawn among all participants offered in co-operation with our Hospitality Partner:
Voucher Free Twin Room GH Des Iles Borromees *****L in Stresa (LMHM 2024 pre-race night + breakfast)
2 Free Entry Distances part of the XVI LMHM 2024





  • 5Parking area

Parking Area

SUN 14.05.2023 in Verbania all pay parking will be free of charge for participants by placing, on car window, bottom part of the confirmation letter with the sign “P”.

  • 5Local transport

Local Transport

www.vcotrasporti.it (also connection with airport Bergamo Orio Al Serio)

www.comazzibus.com (also connection with airport Milano Malpensa)

www.safduemila.com (also connection with airport Milano Malpensa)

  • 5Transport Start – Finish

Transport Start - Finish


SUN 14.05.2023, the OC will give strict priority to participants.
Tickets purchase option: - During ON-LINE registration procedure (by 11.05.2023 at 01.00 pm)
- On race day outside wharfs at dedicated LMHM desks
Public navigation transports also operating (info/costs: www.navigazionelaghi.it).

Following fares will apply for open tickets:
Participant € 10
Non Participant € 10
Under 6 yrs. Free of charge

Verbania Pallanza (FINISH) - Stresa (START Half Marathon - Village):

Verbania Pallanza (Departure) Stresa (Arrival)
07:30 07:45
11:15 11:30
12:15 12:30


Stresa (START Half Marathon - Village) - Verbania Pallanza (FINISH):

Stresa (Departure) Verbania Pallanza (Arrival)
09:15 09:30
11:45 12:00



ATTENTION! The OC provides only post-race transportation from the FINISH AREA (Verbania Pallanza) direction START AREA 10 KM (Verbania Fondotoce).

SUN 14.05.2023 participants of 10 KM can use, free of charge by showing their BIB, shuttle BUS connecting the FINISH AREA in Verbania Pallanza with the START AREA in Verbania Fondotoce (front entrance camping “Isolino”).